Custom PV System

Our Custom PV systems are perfect for organisations that are off-grid and are seeking connectivity. By designing a PV system that is unique to your energy needs, you can increase productivity, generate more revenue, and improve the quality of services which your business/organisation provides.

Village Energy’s PV systems power appliances, including indoor/outdoor lights, office equipment (including printers, scanners, desktops, etc.), security cameras, refrigerators, light machinery, and many more!

Our Custom PV solutions are perfect for off-grid businesses and institutions, including:


Using Village Energy’s Custom PV system, off-grid schools can light their classrooms, charge phones and office equipment, charge computers for IT classes, and provide lighting to dormitories. To date, we have impacted over 40,000 students across more than 70 schools in Uganda.
Sample projects;

  • Amugu Seed School - Alebtong
  • Mamba Seed School - Nebbi
  • Mitooma Bridge High School -Mitooma
  • Comboni College -Lira
  • Mandela SS - Hoima
  • Ngora PEAS SS - Ngora
  • Toroma PEAS High - Katakwi
  • Loi Waisi Primary School - Mbale
  • Springs Nursery & Primary School - Arua
  • Shared Love Primary School - Mukono


We have powered over 60+ small and medium enterprises resulting in increased revenue, expansion of services offered and creation of employment.
Sample projects;

  • Platinum Credit - Kapchorwa, Pader, Kumi, Luwero, Arua, Gulu, and Buvuma
  • Tugende - Kampala
  • Bugadde Sacco - Mayuge
  • Educate - Kampala
  • BodaWerk - Kampala
  • Fre02 - Mbarara
  • Duckhill Microfinance - Pallisa
  • Comboni Samaritan - Gulu
  • The Motor Centre - Gulu
  • Namekara Mining Company - Mbale

Health Centres

Custom PV can also be used to power health centres with lighting, refrigeration for vaccines/medicines, and medical equipment such as microscopes and surgical tools. Village Energy has helped many health centers in rural areas improve the quality of medical care offered.
Sample projects;

  • Iganga General Hospital - Iganga
  • Nawandala HC III - Iganga
  • Saint Monica Health Center - Gulu
  • Moyo Mission HC IV - Moyo
  • Ovujo HC III - Maracha
  • Rupa HC II - Moroto
  • Kobwin HC III - Ngora
  • Ngoleriet HC II - Napak
  • Rwingwe HC III - Kisoro
  • Kapir HC III - Ngora

refugee settlements

We have increased energy access in humanitarian settings resulting in improved access to information, education and social services.
Sample projects;

  • DRC Energy Kiosks - Eriaza, Yoro, Tika in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement
  • Omugo Women Centre - Rhino Camp
  • Rhino Camp High School - Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement
  • Rhino Camp HC IV -Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement
  • Yoro Police Post -Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement
  • Olujumbo HC III- Rhino Camp
  • Yangani Primary School -Bidi Bidi Settlement
  • Yoyo Central Primary School -Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement
  • Palorinya SS -Palorinya Refugee Settlement
  • Social Innovation Academy -Nakivale Refugee Settlement

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