COVID 19 Response

Partner(s): Ministry of Health (MoH), Signify Foundation

System Size: Sunstay Streetlights 3000lm, SiS-30 home systems and Lifelight lanterns.

Summary: In response to COVID 19 Village Energy partnered with Signify Foundation to donated indoor and outdoor lighting to 13 Level III health centres across Uganda, MoH parking lot and Ambulance call centre. 

Impact: Improved quality of health services due to access to  reliable, safe and better lighting especially for night patients.
Increased security for staff, patients and emergency call centres.

Kampala Capital City Authority

Partner(s): Signify Foundation, Dembe Group, KCCA 

System Size: 10 solar street lights

Summary: Installed Sunstay street lights in Conta Africa Village, Kamwokya to boost security in the area.

Impact: Improved security for over 500,000 residents
Extension of operational hours for businesses leading to increased revenue.

NUCAFE Coffee Factory

Partner(s):  NUCAFE Coffee Factory, Astonfield Solar

System Size: 172kW

Summary: A C&I project in partnership with Astonfield Solar. We installed a grid tied system to power factory operations.

Impact: Increased coffee processing and production benefiting thousands of small scale farmers

Safe Future Uganda

Partner(s): Safe Future Uganda, Binance Charity Foundation 

System Size: 7.9kW, 51 systems

Summary: Village Energy installed Custom PV installations for 51 schools in various districts across the Central and Eastern regions. The installations range from 120-240W per school and are providing lighting to classrooms.

Impact: Safe and reliable lighting for more than 4,000 students.
Extension of learning hours for the candidate students 

Bidi Bidi & Nakivale Refugee Settlements

Partner(s): Social Innovation Academy (SINA), The Walking School Bus 

System Size: 2.7kW, 3 systems

Summary: Village Energy installed three Custom PV systems, two in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement and one in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. The systems are designed to power lighting, laptops, internet routers, and tablets which will be used in the schools and training centres in the settlements.

Impact: Improved learning outcomes for hundreds of students
Increased access to information to refugee communities.
The Bidi Bidi and Nakivale settlements serve a combined population of close to 400,000 people.

Kajjansi Market

Partner(s): Wakiso District Council, B-space 

System Size: 4kW

Summary:  4kW Custom PV system designed to power lighting for the entire market, including streetlights.

Impact: The market extended their hours of operation—increasing their number of customers served from 100/night up to 500/night.

Energy 4 Impact: Solar DC Refrigeration

System Size: 12kW, 36 systems

Partner(s): Energy 4 Impact, CLASP

Summary: Installed 36 DC fridges for SMEs in 7 districts across Uganda for a Solar Refrigeration Pilot project conducted by Energy 4 Impact in conjunction with CLASP. 

Impact: Increase in customers and sales, extension of business hours leading to increased revenues
50% of businesses diversified their operations or started new product lines because of the fridge.

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