Custom PV System

Our Custom PV systems are perfect for organisations that are off-grid and are seeking connectivity. By designing a PV system that is unique to your energy needs, you can increase productivity, generate more revenue, and improve the quality of services which your businesses/organisation provides.

Village Energy’s PV systems start at 120W, which is enough to power 10 lights, 3 phone charging units, and either 3 laptops OR a 32” TV. As the systems increase in size, we can power more appliances, including indoor/outdoor lights, office equipment (including printers, scanners, desktops, etc.), security cameras, refrigerators, light machinery, and many more!

Our Custom PV solutions are perfect for off-grid businesses and institutions, including:


Using Village Energy’s Custom PV system, off-grid schools can light their classrooms, charge phones and office equipment, charge computers for IT classes, and provide lighting to dormitories. To date, Village Energy has installed Custom PV systems for 63 schools across Uganda, providing power to a total of 17,000+ students!


Our Custom PV systems can be designed to power refrigerators and freezers. With refrigeration, restaurants, shops, and other food service providers can offer cold beverages, ice, and other items—increasing their customer base and daily income. In May 2018, Village Energy participated in a project with Energy 4 Impact, installing 36 refrigerators in shops across Western Uganda.

Health Centres

Custom PV can also be used to power health centres with lighting, refrigeration for vaccines/medicines, and medical equipment such as microscopes and surgical tools. Village Energy has helped many health centres in rural areas improve the quality of medical care offered!

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