Fradox Medicare Limited

One and a half kilometers from Mbale town is a medical facility called Fradox Medicare. This health center was set up to help patients around Mbale town. One of the challenges they had was constant power blackouts. These blackouts made their service delivery slow or put at a halt. Their reagents that needed refrigeration were going to waste. 

In the search for a solution, Fradox medicare opted for a generator that could keep the power on for proper service delivery and storage of their reagents. This increased their power bills by over 48% so they moved on to search for a better solution.

That’s when they opted for a solar energy system and after looking at a few companies that provided the service, they chose the reliable one and gave them options on how to set up the system that they needed. Brenda Kasede the Operations manager of Fradox Medicare testified that “having understood the components of the system, like remote monitoring and the Victron batteries I knew we were getting the best”

They have enjoyed our products and services with hardly any challenges since they get notifications about the system straight to their email. “With the user training Village Energy gave to us, it has been convenient for us to use the system”, Brenda added.

Fradox Medicare has resolved its power challenges with the help of Village Energy. #CommunitySolarExperts