About Us

Who We Are

At Village Energy, our engineers are the leading experts in solar system design and installation. We customise each system to meet the unique energy needs of your business or organisation—guaranteeing that our solar power will help your business expand and run more efficiently.

With a network of trained technicians across the country, we promise to provide you with a reliable energy source that is tailor-made to meet your needs. Our solutions are perfect for schools, health centres, hotels, farms, offices, and other institutions in both rural and urban areas.

We also provide financing, with partner banks, who offer solar loans for upto 5 years.

Our Mission

To be the trusted community-based solar experts who provide high quality, affordable clean energy.

Our Vision

Better energy.

Better Communities.

Our Process

Site Survey

Our professional team of certified engineers and technicians come to your site and determine your exact energy needs.

System Design

Using data from the site survey, our engineers design the best solar system for your organisation.


Clients pay cash or are approved for a loan by Finance Trust Bank or Housing Finance Bank.


Our technicians install the system within 7 to 14 working days after payment.

Servicing & Maintenance​

Every system is backed by a 2-year warranty. This includes emergency and scheduled maintenance visits.

Why choose us?

Our systems are designed to power lights, appliances eg; phones, TVs, computers, DC & AC Refrigeration, Irrigation, and Machinery. 

We have partnered with Finance Trust Bank to offer solar loans of up to 60 months.

Every system is backed by a 2-year warranty. Our technicians are based right in your community, which means repairs can be done quickly and by experts you can trust.

Every Custom PV system includes a remote monitoring device. This allows us to track your system’s performance in real-time and quickly identify any servicing issues that may arise.

All of our technicians are certified and have experience in installing medium to large systems. 

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Connect with our team


Waringa Matindi


Chief technical officer

Angel Tinkamanyire .A



Judith Ariguma


human resource manager

Kenneth Collins Mawanda


finance manager

Ritah Najjumba


systems engineer

Sammy Senyonga


installation supervisor

Peter Ssebabi


sales manager

Angela Kiconco


Data & marketing associate

Cedric Smith Kirabira



Racheal Namugaya



Keneth Kashaija​


The Co-Founders

“I founded Village Energy with the aim of training the largest number of community-based solar experts to deliver quality products and after-sales service affordably. As a result, we will increase confidence in, and adoption of, solar technologies that have the potential to stimulate rapid rural development.”

Abu was the CEO until 2018.

Abu Musuuza, Co-Founder.

Jay joined Village Energy after five years at Google and has extensive experience in sales, marketing and operations. He was Vice President till Dec 2018 and currently sits on the Village Energy Board.
Jay Patel, Co-Founder.

Roey Co-founded Village Energy with Abu  and worked on the startup phase of the company until 2014. He currently sits on the Board and works in sales for Tesla Motors.

Roey Rosenblith, Co-Founder and the Chairman Board of Directors.